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Fullerton Farm

About Fullerton Farm

The Treehouses have been designed and built using local materials and cutting-edge techniques that minimise the impact on the lovingly tended land around it. Much of the farm’s 1000 acres are used to encourage rewilding and biodiversity and it is part of several stewardship schemes. There are cows and sheep in the fields past the vines, the land feels vibrant and unspoilt. There’s abundant birdlife, a deer herd that might go wandering by and, if you’re quiet, you’ll almost certainly see and hear the resident badgers, who just happen to love grapes.  You can organise winery tours and even go truffle hunting on selected weekends during the season (usually November / December), walking the beautiful landscape in search of earthy treasures. Beyond the farm the lovely Test Valley awaits, with walks along the banks of the River Test (a mecca for fly fishing) and further for hilltop views. End your day in a fantastic old pub like the Peat Spade Inn, where you’ll find the local produce showcased on wonderful menus.

  • View the vineyard from above
  • Reboot and reconnect with nature in treehouse luxury
  • Detox & Retox – Detox from the hustle and bustle of life and retox with beautifully crafted English sparkling wine.
  • Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth
  • Wine Tours
  • Truffle Hunting
  • Escape to the wilds of Hampshire
  • Fly Fishing

Where to find us

The Treehouses,
Fullerton Farm,
Fullerton Road,
SP11 7LA

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